Some ideas for season 7. The general idea is to create new incentives to stick together with new passives while still stressing their signature rolls. Pushing together of falling back together should be smoother and more teamplay oriented.


Passive: teammates within 20 mts from LL regen 1 HP per sec when not in combat. Using her tactical cancels the passive until finished.

Ultimate: LL sends doc to revive nearest downed teammate within 25 mts. Doc sets the shield in the direction the downed teammate is facing. Up to 3 stacks of uses. 90 seconds to build each stack.


Passive: Loba can now open extra supply bin slots. Loba recieves care package drop location in her minimap 45 seconds earlier than the rest.

Tactical: increased vertical distance. Lowered horizontal distance.

Gibraltar and Caustic

Passive: fortified increased to 20%. Gibraltar and Caustic soak 10% damage teamates within 15 mts are receiving. This damage is also affected by fortified.


Passive: Octane can double jump on jump pads.

Ultimate: Octane can stack up to 3 jump pads. CD for each stack increased to 75 seconds.


Passive: increased movement speed by 3%. When all teammates are within 20 mts, all 3 increase movement speed by 5%. Using her tactical or Ultimate cancels this passive until finished.


Tactical: decreased cooldown to 30 seconds. Taking damage while grappling shortens the cooldown of next tactical by 1 second per 20 damage taken.


Passive: Wattson regens 1 SP per second when not in combat. When within 15 mts from both her teammates, all members regen 1 SP per second when not in combat. Being near a shield pylon cancels this passive.


Ultimate: each ultimate decoy shot by an enemy shortens the CD of his next Ultimate by 1 second.

Fighter class: stack 2 grenades per slot

Support Class: stack 3 medkits or 6 syringes per slot

Defender Class: stack 3 shield batteries or 6 shield cells per slot

Recon Class: stack 2 ultimate accelerants per slot


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