some ideas to try and make the game a better game (kinda long)

SBMM is as fucked as it can get right now with preds and 20 kill badge holders being in every match no matter when I die or how many kills I have when I die, I can literally jump off boundaries at the beginning of a match and I'll still be matched with preds, I'm not a super player, I'm average and so is most of the playerbase, the fact that people like me keep getting in pred lobbies is doing nothing but discourage us from playing anymore.

there's nothing going on for this game at the moment other than the movement, story and characters, the event packs are scammy, the store is shitty, the prices are outrageous, the servers are extremely weak and fucked up and can be DDOSED easily to fuck up the experience for everyone, they're extremely laggy and buggy and so is the game with characters like Loba being literally unplayable right now, I have a stable and fast internet connection, my ping is lower than 20 yet I had all 4 symbols of lagging pop up today all at once, the updates are slow and they were even slow before the pandemic.

Respawn, I love you and I love the Dev team, they're some of the most passionate, talented, transparent and honest Devs I've ever seen, but when the community is trying to help and you're refusing to accept, it's only natural for us to get mad, I didn't want to make this post, but this game is in an extremely bad place right now, and the community wants to help so here are some suggestions of what you can do.

  1. Create some kind of workshop for the players where they can create stuff by themselves and post them on the store, this idea will solve the shop problem and you we won't have to wait for months to get some new skins in the store. Obviously the skins will need to go through some inspection to make sure there isn't anything that could endanger the games ESRB rating or its reputation, so just make people be able to upload models of skins for characters unto the store

  2. Make an LTM where SBMM is non existent as a way to experiment with the game, make a LTM that's just like normal mode but without SBMM and then check the stats, data and reviews on it and make a decision to remove it or improve it

  3. In case the first idea is hard to pull of, make some sort of monthly competition where people show you their models and ideas for skins or LTMs. Skins need to be fully made and modelled so it's actually easier for the Dev team to implement them withing the game, and we also need to know the engine that was used to make the game and the in-game models

These are only some ideas and I'd like to see feedbacks on them, I understand if respawn wouldn't want to try or implement or make those changes, they're the ones controlling the game, they know everything about it, they definitely know better, but I'd like to see at least a response to this


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