Some thoughts about rankeds and mb smth else in Apex

The main idea is to reduce players, who love to sit and wait. IMHO it's not good when you sit and do nothing but in better situation for such players, they get their points. No need lot of skill but anyway you will go higher.

How to solve (imo again): delete RP for placement and replace it to coefficient .

That's why we need to change RP obtaining . We have 2 groups of guys, DD and K/D. As i saw, smn have write aboit problem where you make huge DD but yoiu havent kills. My sentence to give 1 RP for each 600 dmg (like 3 fullarmored guys). And as usual 1 RP for kill. If smn deal for example: 2400 dmg and only 3 kills he need to get RP for DMG, namely the most profit between DD and KD, or if it's 300 dmg and 3 kills, 3 RP for kills.

Will be continued… Need some feedback from guys who play in different Ranks.


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