Soooo…Anybody talking about this?

Just watched the Season 2 'Wattson's Story' trailer ( here ) and noticed this at the very end.

Rosie is making her way to Airbase and probably slums and L002 (Posie?) is turning and possibly heading towards Swamps. TF lore says that "Flyers are commonly seen soaring around these beasts." ( here) ).

So what are all your thoughts? Are the Flyers coming? What do you think the Leviathans are going to do? I don't know if I'm all that wild about playing a BR where not only am I surrounded by 57 players who are out for my blood, but also where I can get stomped on by a giant space cow or carried off and torn to shreds by some space pterodactyl.

Edit: Didn't add the image 😛


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