Spending the entire game looting is bad, and it can be fixed by map design

I am not here to judge how you play Apex, you can do whatever you want in Apex if you think it's fun. However, what I am about to talk about is not only extremely boring for your entire team, but it also harmful to the core gameplay.

I am talking about the players that want to spend the entire game looting, running building to building, leaving none of those houses in the outskirts untouched. We get nothing besides the occasional purple armor, and some low tier weapon addons. Then after a solid 10 minutes of doing nothing but that, we finally encounter another squad. Guess what happens next.

My teammates do diddly for damage, and die. I make a valiant effort, knowing the Allfather is on my side, and meet a similar fate to them.

I can't tell you how many games I've had where it is just a slog of all those things..

So, why do I think that it is harmful to the gameplay to have people playing like this? Well, people not participating in fights on an acceptable rate means that other squads that are worse are dying, while other legitimately good players keep surviving. What do we end up with? Worse, less skilled players getting pitted up against the best in the match. The worse players have better loot, while the better players have better loot. This goes against Battle Royale completely, as it is a way to put the next best player against a competitor of equal skill, ultimately leaving the best of the best to duke it out and leave us with one champion.

I mean this when I say this, I cannot stand another game of doing this same bs over and over again.

What's my solution?

Remove the immense amount of buildings between other buildings. There shouldn't be any reward for choosing this play style. This encourages players to interact more, since it both increases the loot that you get from going to the populated areas, but it also supports people who plan ahead and position themselves optimally, especially later on. More players should be forced to interact with each other across the map, rather than just having everyone go to Bunker because everyone knows it has loot and isn't just completely desolate.

I understand that King's Canyon is about to be cycled out for worlds edge, but I truly wish we could see these kinds of changes in the future.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/gpelf0/spending_the_entire_game_looting_is_bad_and_it/

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