Spoiler alert. Figured out what the ‘S’ in sbmm stands for.

Its shit.

Seriously. Its shit.

This is my final rant on sbmm. It's not worth my time anymore, as I would rather stick my dick in the oven than play this masterpiece of shit of a game. I've always been decent at the game, never great but I maintain a 2.10 kd and have had over a hundred wins each season. But let's set aside the competitive nature of this game (it is) and talk about one important thing. The game used to be fun. It's not anymore…. even though i have been struggling the past few weeks as sbmm has seemingly been worse than fucking ever, I still want to talk about the fun aspect. Never has there been a game with such fluid combat as apex, the movement mechanics, the gun play, the gun customization, the variety in ways to attack, it's beautiful. Respawn truly had a gem of a game. 'Had' being the key word. Now it's just a steaming pile of manure that caters lips and fist to the new player. And by lips and fists I mean respawn dev team sucks a lot of dicks and fists a lot of assholes. Because they simply dont care. No one can defend sbmm at this point, and if they do, they're probably a respawn employee. Sbmm has never worked in any game and it never will. Matches shouldnt be dictated by algorithms that are 100% not accurate. I have decent stats, day 1 player, so the algorithms automatically assumes I'm a hardcore streamer, grade fucking A godly player. I'm not though, I'm decent at best, but because I've put in the time the game wants to punish me by matching me up with level 8 and level 3 fucktards EVERY GODDAMN match. This is not fun. Not at all. I switched to my smurf account earlier and got the 3k badge 2 times in a row. Not saying it's fair to be matched with the noobs, but it's also not fair to be matched with adderall addicted twitchers either, right? And while I encountered several predators in my smurf account it just further proved my point, the game is better when its random. Everyone I fight on my main account is like beating the last level of devil may cry on the hardest difficulty. So to summarize, shit based match making has ruined what could have been a game played for years to come. Now your player base is dwindling and you act like you dont know why. Everyone taking up for respawn at this point are people that started playing around season 3…. simple math for that explanation.

In closing. If any developer of respawn reads this, please reply. I'm begging you. Give me an explanation so that I can tell you to eat a dick.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/gdmd66/spoiler_alert_figured_out_what_the_s_in_sbmm/

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