*spoilers lots of violence & entertainment* Now I know a lot of you have no idea this goes on in this world and have no idea what crowdkilling is. It’s important to keep an open mind and read this post.

What I'm going to show you i'm positive you guys had no idea things like this happen. Just like there are so many people/hobbies/lives i'm not aware of either.

What i'm about to show is a POV video on what legally crowdkilling and being violent is like at a hardcore show is.
I used to film pov hardcore/deathcore bands every weekend. as dangerous as it was I did it all for the footage, and love for filming. Crowdkilling is an act when a person in the pit starts swinging on the crowds waching the band play.

I'lll admit I did it too. I've came out with bruise/ swollen hands.I've gotten roundhouse in the face by a guy three times my size. ./ve seen an insane amount of people get knocked out unconcious with one hit, ladys too.
Let me say this though "hadcore dancing"and crowdkilling is the most adrenaline ive ever felt most adrenaline in my life. With this community we are all friends, and are expected to be hit We all have mad love for eachother. It's an amazing and legal way to get out your frustratins

I have LOADS of these videos on my youtube "socialdisease" Check it out and tell me what you guys think?' The link to my montage crowdkilling vdeo should be somewhere here in this post. All my videosare POV of me in the pit running around,and also jumping on the stage. Most videos have 30l+ views few with 50k, one with 70k. Believe me there are very entertaining knockouts in them. Again "socialdisase" is my youtube. I'm doing this not only to entertain but also teach how different underground scenes are.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/djed5w/spoilers_lots_of_violence_entertainment_now_i/

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