Squads in ranked how is that a player…

Can get two or three kills, and still take negative point even thought the match making placed them in the squad knowing the teammates aren’t equal??why am I being placed with people like this every game I’m loosing RP because my squad can’t land somewhere without dying immediately, but how is this even happening in a ranked match, it’s hard as hell to solo que into ranked as is. I mean come on now who the hell doesn’t want the tail for being masters or pred. In a game they play everyday, but it’s not just the players it’s the lobbies to over 400+ RP taken for the game dash boarding on its own mostly in high kill games or high placement. I think something needs to be done to fix this atleast to where the players in que can actually play with decent people worth reviving in ranked and not have to pray they don’t loose a negative 96 or 72 just for attempting to rank up on EAs servers

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/ggp70r/squads_in_ranked_how_is_that_a_player/

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