Stop being upset about solos.

We all knew this was a 2 week event that would be gone, at least for a little bit, after the event. It may seem simple to just have it but it’s not.

Solos was never intended to be a thing in this game which means it was a lot of work to actually implement it. That is why it was only a 2 week mode, if they just threw it in and had issues it would not have looked good to the players. Legends are a little unbalanced for solos, I (personally) noticed error codes a bit more in solos, teaming was getting pretty bad and was only going to get worse, spitfires and energy weapons were incredibly strong in 1v1’s since you only had to spray and pray at one person, not a whole team. If all these issues were apart of a permanent mode it would’ve really put a bad taste in people’s mouths, writing it off as a failure and angry that it was part of the game.

With it being limited time and then stating they were just testing the waters, these issues were understandable and expected. Players knew it was a test and voiced their opinions on things that needed tweaking and that was a healthy way to do this.

Now all the data from this event; legend pick rates and win rates, weapons most often used, error code occurrences, teaming and report functionality, landing locations, ring speed and damage. All of that can be looked at and changed as needed for the mode to actually perform well and be enjoyed by people on a permanent basis.

We can be bummed about it being gone but everyone should understand this is a good way to get the mode we really want and have it done correctly before it’s put in permanently.


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