Stop saying a good gun is overpowered, it’s not, you’re just a good player.

People need to stop saying guns are "overpowered". I get so annoyed when I hear players, especially streamers with an influence, say this about literally any weapon they get more than 5 kills with. They need to understand the difference in just being good and a weapon being too good. An example of an actually overpowered gun would be the original charge rifle. Anyone could use it and be extremely effective with very little skill. But getting a couple kills with the Prowler doesn't suddenly make it "so op". I personally believe that, in the current state the weapons are extremely balanced. In fact, too balanced. I think that there should always be a few guns that have a slight edge. Right now everything is just mediocre or good at best.

There is no longer a weapon that you can just pick up and know it's going to be good. This is due to the fact that streamers and players use a gun because it's decent and they are good, then call out for nerfs and adjustments because they go some kills with it. This needs to change, a lot of the community needs to realize that a gun can just be good and not need to be nerfed. It seems like a few streamers and popular gamers started using the Prowler recently and suddenly called out for nerfs now just because they realized it's not just mediocre like they think the weapons should be. It's especially annoying because it wasn't a problem until they had some good games with it. This is the most recent example of my point that I can think of. So please, stop saying a gun is overpowered when in reality, you're just a decent player!


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