Suggested Bangalore Changes. Hesitant to call them buffs because they’re side moves rather than massive improvements.

Smoke Launcher: When exploding and causing the enemy damage their position is shown to her for around a second with a red outline. Can also be used on drop like you can from Jump Towers to smoke landing zones, either your own for cover or an opposing squads to limit their visibility.

Double Time: Allows her to reload, swap weapons and use Heals/Batteries faster, similar to how Lifeline used to be able to, not just run faster.

Rolling Thunder: Now she has a set of binoculars so she can 'lase' a point on the map where she wants the drop to be. You could lase the Watchtower from containment to annoy or disperse the team on who have been sniping at you for the past five minutes or that team in Cage sniping you across the valley when you're in the caves. Still has a limited range, 3-400M, maybe less but certainly far further than she can throw her flare. Gives it a bit more power and versatility. Could activate the binoculars by holding the button so if you're desperate (Danger Close!) you can still do a quick throw down.

Like I said, no real power adjustments or massive buffs, just a bit more versatility.



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