Suggestion: Limit the amount of times a teammate can spam “enemy location” within a set period of time.

I don't know if I am only speaking to my experience here, but I have found a fairly large amount of teammates that get downed by an enemy get kind of salty or are thinking they are being helpful and all they do is spam the enemy location button non stop until our squad is whipped or the enemy is dead. I think the enemy location feature is overall very helpful, but there is no reason to be able to hit that button over and over and over. It can get pretty distracting and it prevents me from being able to hear the enemies footsteps if I am still one of the ones alive.

I had a game earlier this week where it was 2 vs 1, my squad having the 2. My teammate got knocked down and started to ping the enemy location button, which was helpful at first because I didn't know exactly where they were. But then they just kept hitting it over and over and over and over and I could not hear which side the enemy was coming up on me from, which caused them to be able to get the jump on me and we lost. That wouldn't have been an issue if there was, say, even just a 5 second cool down after pinging 4 times in a row or something.



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