Suggestions for Future Features

Allow players to customize their crosshair colors and opacity

This would likely allow players to play on normal settings, but still be able to see and hit their targets. I find it difficult to aim with stock wingman sights (especially on max saturation) since the crosshair is extremely red and opaque (at least to my eyes.) The colors selected can probably be infinite on the color spectrum or a select few like green or yellow, or make the already present red less opaque, which would either way be helpful.

Allow players to enable infinite ammo while in firing range

Sometimes players (such as myself) want to endlessly shoot from a perch to develop cleaner recoil control, and it is time consuming waiting for ammo to spawn and traveling back to the area where you were shooting. This feature would be similar to Valorant with their firing range giving the players the ability to endlessly shoot and test out recoil and spray patterns and would make spray sessions shorter in Apex.


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