Suggestions to buff Watson

Watson right now is arguably one of the weakest characters in the game right now, and is completely overshadowed by Caustic who serves the exact same role as trapper and zone defense. And not to mention that she isn’t one of the easiest characters to play as she needs great tactical thinking and planning and very quick to be somewhat effective.

What makes Watson so weak is her tactical ability, her fences take way too long to recharge which is 20 seconds for half a fence, Wraith’s tactical also takes 20 seconds but it can change the entire gunfight when used correctly, while Watson can hardly do anything with just one fence, also her fences aren’t that strong, they deal 10 damage and shocks people for 2-3 seconds and alerts Watson when destroyed or crossed.

So my suggestions to buff Watson is:

  • Reduce her tactical ability recharge time to 15 seconds ( from 20)

  • Increase maximum amount of fences to be stacked to 6 ( from 4)

  • Increase damage of fences to 20 or increased damage to shields specifically to 20


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