Super frustrated since I switched to PC.

I know in a way it's my fault but I went from being garbage on PS4 to becoming better on Xbox. Then I switched back to PS4 and got much much better. Now, however, since I've already been in the 1.8 KD range for the better part of two seasons now, switching to PC has been hell for me.

Since I started out doing much better than my opponents I've been getting put against beam God's like crazy. It's super disheartening. I know why it does it but I feel like if I could just bring my account stats over this wouldn't be so big of an issue. Now I'm constantly in Pred lobbies as in more than 10 preds at a time and frankly it's just not fun to get beamed like crazy all the time.

I just wish the SBMM had a better way of handling things in general. This isn't a SBMM bad post, just a frustration post from switching to a different platform. Otherwise I love PC. Better graphics, better frames, better performance over all, I love it. I just can't seem to find much motivation to play if every person I come across is a Volt God. Not to mention I play with a controller so I know I'm mostly at a disadvantage.


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