Support legend idea

I really like support characters like lifeline and wattson.

I know its unlikely apex would introduce another since the majority of the playerbase plays offense characters like wraith and path.

BUT i had an idea which i think is cool, let me know what you think:

A legend who can support teammates (and themselves) by replenishing ammo stocks

Q ability – put a box of ammo down on the ground that all your teammates can use once (it gives them some ammo for the guns they are using).

Ultimate – maybe a sentry or something?

Passive – 10% chance to regain bullets shot from a full mag

If anyone's played tf2, the engineer character partly inspired this idea. I find theres many situations where you just finish a big team fight, and dont have any ammo before a new squad attacks so maybe this character would be good for defending against third parties?

Let me know what you think :p was mostly a concept i made up for fun rather than expecting anything like this get put in the game


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