Switching to PC from PS4 my first thoughts

So recently switched to PC from console now on console I have around 30-40 20’s and 4K’s so no im no bot but these are some things ive noticed thus far.

• PC players are a lot better period, do not listen to all these dudes saying its the same skill level, hate to break it to folks

• man 144HZ is so fucking nice i have no idea how i played on a console now with a cap of 60fps the difference is honestly insane

• MnK players have better aim at distances where as close range the upper hand is controller

• looting compared to controller is much better on MnK (they need to add movement to controller while looting)

These are just some of the things ive noticed, and I played on controller for the first week and reached level 70 already, however switched to MnK as of a few days ago to learn since ive never played on the keys

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/g5pzun/switching_to_pc_from_ps4_my_first_thoughts/

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