TDM inside of a BR?

Am I the only one who plays Apex much more like a TDM? Lol

I could get top 3 but never hear a single gun shot while actively rushing around the map and honestly consider that a terrible waste of 15-20 minutes. I'm legitimately disappointed. And, in this scenario, if I somehow win with the last shot I feel honestly pretty bad for the team I just third partied and stole their (likely) hard fought game. Doesn't happen often, but every once in awhile…

On the other hand, if I land artillery, wipe the 3 squads and absolutely get smashed while low on health and ammo by a third party, I'll die a happy man to place 12th.

Survival in Apex to me means surviving the next fight(and the subsequent onslaught of third parties), not just surviving to win at the end. I see the later as the cherry on top, not the goal.

Just me? Ok XD


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