Thank you, respawn and Roger craig Smith, for my favorite character ever

Around the time apex first came out, I was in a bad spot in my life, I suffer from depression and it was bad last year, but I won’t drop all the details, that’s not what I’m here for. Anyways, when apex came out, I was genuinely intrigued to see how the game would be. And after I played a few games, I loved it! It was fun to use the legends abilities in the heat of battle, like pathfinder’s grapple (rip). However, there was one thing I was looking forward to most from the trailers: mirage. My sense of humor is pretty much the same as his, but no one at my school really liked it, and my friends found it annoying. I was happy to have someone I could finally laugh with, even though he’s not necessarily real. After I unlocked him, my squad mates found him as funny as I did (except for one, who I’ve been pestering with his voice lines since, lol). He was such a blast to play, and so fun to listen to his little quips. Roger’s performance as him really sells his personality, and makes my experience with the game so much better. I even find myself repeating what he says sometimes. However, it made me a little down whenever I played with randoms who knocked on my legend choice, calling him “useless” and a waste of a team mate. However, I still Mained him throughout the game’s first year. Around the end of season 4, all of my friends had quit apex. But when season 5 started getting shown off, they came back, and I had began to heard rumors of an upcoming buff for the trickster, which made me ecstatic. Come season 5, the patch notes came out, and I lost my mind. To see my favorite legend get such a great kit, it made me so happy. Now everyone is happy to have a mirage on their team, and I can make amazing plays that make me feel like the coolest player on the team. This buff has made me so happy, along with mirage as a whole, and people can actually laugh with me, and no longer get insulted for my choice of legend. So thank you, Roger and respawn, for such an amazing character, and a wonderful game.


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