The Apex Community is getting more and more toxic, and I’m worried about the future of said community.

I'm not sure if it's because I've become more involved, or if its genuinely getting worse. But here's some of what I've noticed. The forums, reddit especially (and facebook) have turned sour. All I hear is "buff this, nerf that, make my main better, i want the old map, i want the new map, fix ranked, these legends suck, buff buff buff" and its fucking infuriating. There will always be things to make better, and we should all do our part to bring certain issues up to respawn, but the way the community just fucking expects their way is so god damn entitling. Their tone comes off as shrill shrieks.

The amount of teammates who will disconnect when they go down is ridiculous, i find myself begging them over the mic to just hold in there. I rarely respawn anyone anymore because they just flat out leave.

And the real kicker, which happened to me THREE TIMES in one play session, is players fucking leaving because of the legend YOU chose! I had three fucking guys leave because my main is either octane or bloodhound, and all 3 players made the comment that "those are the lowest tier legends and i dont want to play alongside them." Like what the fuck is the logic there? Is that seriously a mindset? I slay with those two, and never considered them any worse off than the others. It seems just because some youtuber ranked these legends, people now have some kind of hate for them. The skill is up to the player, not the legend. (However due to some bugs I do see how some are currently at an unintentional disadvantage. Nothing to abandon your team over.)

All this new toxicity is really harshing my feelings about this otherwise amazing game. Play this game for what it is. A game. Just play it, and enjoy what respawn has given us for free.


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