The Apex Community

Okay I'm going to have a bitchy rant. I'm sorry, but a very good portion of the Apex Community are a bunch of babies. I've played nearly every battle royale there is and I've never experienced people leaving games like I do in this one. I had more people stay and watch an entire game while dead in Fortnite. This was back before you could be brought back. Same goes for Warzone even if they never got bought back with cash. I don't know what it is about this community or it's something with the game, but people need to stop leaving games. How long is your banner timer, like a minute? Can you really not wait one minute for you team to at least TRY and get you? It legit is making me not want to play this game anymore. My day consists of 90% Trio games that end up as duos or duos that end up as solos. I really wish you couldn't leave the game until your banner is timed out. Okay, rant over.


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