The best legend comp or just for pro league

[FLEX INCOMING] I went to the Xgames and was able to see the pro league event live and one thing I noticed was the legend comp 90% of the time was Wraith,Watson,Pathfinder. Do you guys think the small ring and high team count allows for these legends to shine late game becuase that’s how it seems, in a more open safe zone Watson seems to be lack luster but in a tight ring with lots of buildings she is a force to be reckoned with. The almost 100% pickrate of wraith came to me as a surprise too, the rift is usually not as impactful in my regular games but when the pros used the rift it was incredible in every situation, pathfinder we all know and love to be great all game so he wasn’t a surprise to me but the comp of these three legends (I think we should nickname it “Whip” becuase WWP but that’s kind of cheesy I guess) might not just be a pro combo and may be the best ranked comp to run while in a 3 man


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