The biggest problem in Apex Legends. (Singapore/ Asian) Servers. Will EA ever address this?

Okay I'm going to be honest I really really love this game but I'm growing pretty damn tired of this. 9/10 games I play there's a cheater. They know exactly where I am, can shoot me down in one magazine 100 metres away with a spitfire/r99 (even when I'm equipped with a purple armour!) Even their names are so obvious(like "hdshhshjwsrt" like wtf). I try the US server and I barely find any..but obviously I can't play there cause of high ping. I mean come on there are no cheaters in pubg so why is it still happening here? Is EA just not interested in fixing this for the Asian servers? I'm sure I'm not the only one with this complaint. I get the occasional cheater every now and then but 9/10 times? Sometimes an entire squad full of them? I just want to know if anything is going to be done..atleast over time. Just give me some hope to keep me playing.

Had to change the topic name just to put this post up. But the rules say talking about it is still allowed.


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