The buffs and nerfs I think the legends need

Mirage: Remove the holo glow that activates while invisible.
Pathfinder: Reduce tactical cool down to 23 seconds and increase the usage of survey beacons by 5%
Gibraltar: increase dome protection to 14 seconds.
Loba: increase the amount of items you can get from her ultimate to 3 for each player.
Revenant: reduce the amount of time a player is silenced from 20s to 15s
Octane: Increase the amount of health gained from his passive to 2 health per second and a half
Bangalore: increase reload speed by 10% when taking damage and run 30%faster. Reduce ultimate missile explosion timer from 7secs to 4secs
Lifeline: increase time the drone is active by 5 seconds.
Crypto: MASSIVE passive change
Crypto’s current passive will be tied to his tactical, his new passive is: tired of running… While crypto is within 20 meters of an enemy, he will run 10% faster. his footstep noises are reduced by 30% while an enemy is within 40 meters of CRYPTO, not his teammates. Watson: remove the ultimate accelerant stacking.
Caustic: reduce the rate which teamates can run in the gas by 5%
Wraith doesn’t need changes in my opinion.


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