The case for a reduced Pathfinder grapple time…

Ok let me start by saying I'm sure you've seen a lot of discussion about this topic on comment sections and stuff like that but I dont think I've really seen someone break it down and if so I apologize. So I've been a path main since launch 8k kills so obviously I'm a little upset. However without my bias this nerf is way too much. First off he lives and dies by his grapple. His zipline is great for repositioning circumstantially. It's not like wraiths portal your not invincible and can get still easily get destroyed if someone notices. As good as his passive can be In ranked in competitive play your not gonna have a chance to scan for the next ring mid to late game because of everyone holding positioning and choke points and just trying to play for positioning yourself in the current ring. So I'd still say one of the bottoms tier passives in the game overall and a mid to good tier ult. Which brings me finally to the grapple. Like I touched on with wraith earlier. Your not invincible. Not saying you should be but the ability itself was always a risk. You have a bad grapple and go five feet. Your dead. You accidentally grapple. Dead. He has one of the biggest hit boxes in the game now. Which he should he's one of the biggest characters. When you give his tac the same time as Wraiths your basically saying they're the same and they're not. Wraith and loba cannot take damage in their tacs and have tiny hit boxes. I'm all in favor of buffing the people who need it. I'm not saying nerf really anyone. There are characters in the game now that can get their ult before Path can Grapple twice. I just dont know how you can say that and not be confused. Finally and no offense to any other character main out there. You just playing path himself wouldn't grant you skill. I feel like his grapple is the hardest tac in the game to master. You just dont hop into the game and understand it. It takes a lot of practice. So I know it won't get reduced for a long time. If it does I'm sure it'll be minimal. I think 20-25 seconds is fair. Last off I'm not trying to sound like people I'm complaining to complain . I love this game. It's one of the best shooters I've ever played and the team at Respawn is amazing. They've become to me one of the best gaming studios out there and they deserve a lot of praise. We dont see the work that gets put in and I know game developers work their asses off. I hope I presneted a fair and reasonable argument thanks to anyone who reads/comments. Let's try to keep it respectful and constructive and good luck ingame.


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