The Devs are doing the best they can!

all the time i hear people complaining about how apex has fallen, but if you think about it, apex legends has come a long way from season 0. they complain about the lack of content and exciting game modes, however they do not see that during the pandemic, it is hard for Respawn to introduce or make new content and should be grateful for the fantastic things we have had so far in season 6! a few are…


volt being introduced

evo armour is floor loot

we got armed and dangerous

we got dummies big day

we got awesome new battle bass cosmetics along with the grand soiree skins being back

changes in meta

imagine how boring apex legends would be if it were currently, pathfinder, wraith, wattson, gibby, r99, wingman, and the peacekeeper every game, now we have variety, like mirage, bloodhound, revenant, volt, and the triple take. So thank you Respawn and the Devs!!!!!!!!!!!!


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