The digital sight is pointless.

What's the point in a digital sight with threat marks and 20x magnification. If the red backlight doesn't work at that distance. Its advantage is completely canceled at long distances, for which it is intended. I have not seen such bugs in any game. If the scope illuminates targets, it illuminates them at the distance of its scope. If I have a 20x scope, I should be able to see any illuminated player in sight. Why is it done so senselessly? What is that black outline? If I use an infrared scope in a night game, any other, be it Call of Duty, then I can see these targets at any distance. After all, he was created for this lol. Although, of course, they will start writing to me right now, but what's wrong. Yes, it is normal. Yes, he will not show at that distance. I understand there are a lot of users who will say that they are satisfied with everything. But for me this is another flaw. Sniper rifles are already in the lowest shooting range. Also, the scopes do not allow you to use them to the maximum. The probability of falling out of such a sight is how much 10% of the total number of items in summoned and dropped supplies? Moreover, there is no description of the technical characteristics of either weapon or sights in the game itself. Only on unofficial sites. Moreover, which is also strange. If, for example, it was written, the sight does not show illumination at a distance of over 2 km, I would understand. Although in the smoke it works like a pancake. Although how the signature is determined there is not clear at all. I'm sad. In general, nothing new, I think it will remain so, not up to the implemented functionality, like most other things.

Moreover, there are 300 meters there in only a twenty-fold increase, I will repeat it twice.

Try to guess where the enemy is.


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