The game is great, but the poor maintenance is killing it.

Just think this, right? You are having a decent match, you have done a few kills, you have a great connection with your team, and out of the blue: "code: net" on your screen, or "Error processing game's logic". Like, okey you you breathe to calm down, and you think "An error, it's weird but I know it can happen" then you enter another match, loot like usual, going to attack enemies that you saw in the distance and, again. "Code:wheel".
Seriously, I know this has happened to more than one who sees this post, and they will understand when I say that Respawn must do something immediately, I really love this game, but things like these tempt me to move to another games, better supported. The same has been happening for not days not weeks, but months. And it does not seem that they will fix it soon, it is more, it seems that with each update the errors are more frequent.

Thanks for reading this far if you made it, i really want this game to evolve and get the servers and maintenance in bugs, glitches, etc, that deserves as such great game that it is.


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