The issue with nerfing legends based on play rate

I get that some legends need balances and for some that means a nerf that’s fine. Though when you nerf a legend nerf after nerf to the point that the player base is upset, you need to stop. Every time one of the these legends is nerfed the reason is that they have a high pick rate, and the reason for the follow up nerf is there play rate didn’t go down. The issue with this is two things one the way the legends are made is to promote having a main that you BUY and put time into so naturally people will not just switch off there legend because they got a nerf. Also some of these legends are the poster children of the game so naturally people will play them at higher rates. The second issue is that the devs are needing a legend to be bad or cause people to stop playing them, which is attacking the player base which is never the right way to go. Not trying to be rude or be toxic just giving honest feedback, to be honest to fix the power level between legends just buff the lower ones both Gibraltar, bloodhound, and caustic we’re not good when they started but now they are solid picks so it is possible to balance the player rate with out needing legends to the ground.


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