The Jack Cooper Theory

Blisk is missing, and in Titanfall, Jack Cooper was also missing. I think that Blisk is looking for Jack Cooper in the apex universe. The events in Titanfall probably didn’t happen in apex, but some might have. At a point in Titanfall Jack Cooper was going to be removed as a pilot and be replaced with a real certified pilot, but was accepted after BT asked if he could stay. I think that in the apex he wasn’t accepted to carry on the missions. At this point, Ash would have already been killed, which would be why she was partly destroyed, and show why Blisk would want to find Jack Cooper. Blisk did invite Cooper to be an apex predator at the end of Titanfall, which could mean he would want him to be apart of the apex games as well. There’s also the new character where she said “I won’t let you down” next to Blisk’s face, which would mean while Blisk is searching for Cooper, he told rampart to fix everything crazy going on in the apex games.


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