The loot

The loot is a big issue. It’s a fight for survival and yet you land and there’s purple armor everywhere. KC was fun because when you dropped you had to quickly kill now everyone can run away. The game is now rewarding the noobs. I swear every game I land get an re and white armor which would’ve worked in KC but now with the loot updates it’s not enough, I end up losing to a Gibraltar with an r301/havoc. I miss season 1&2 because everything was fun. I know the devs are listening but they aren’t actually listening. They add shit no one wants and then be like “oh it’s supposed to balance the game” if Gibraltar is supposed to be balanced then why is he a literal boss fight? Shits so annoying, the only thing keeping me playing is the challenges, which aren’t challenging at all. And I know people are gonna ask about what I want changed but literally everyone already talks about that so just put two and two together and figure it out yourself. Actually take away gibs buffs from season3 and make the armor drops not so high.


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