The low profile nerf is beyond stupid

The only and I mean ONLY reason I can't stand playing lifeline and am actively looking for another main is because of this nerf. I'm so tired of getting vaporized by everyone I see. It's bad enough that I'll lose a fight if we shoot at each other at the same time with the same gun and I'll lose just because I take more damage by default, but now they don't even have to hit me properly which leads to problems in long range combat when their shot is aimed poorly and hit me in my ankle and does full damage. Maybe I'm ignorant as all hell but I'm not seeing how that's fair. If you're having problems hitting shots, tough taco shells. I had problems too and I just decided to get better. I'm sure it came from people complaining about wraith having a small hitbox, but what about people like pathfinder with a bigger hitbox? If you wanna argue maneuverability then what about the other two low profiles? Maybe I'm the only one who cares about this but I had to rant


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