The new player experience.

I decided I finally wanted to give PC and Keyboard & Mouse a go. I can hold my own with a controller but as it stands, i'm quite embarassing on PC. I know how to play Apex, I know what guns are good and how to move around the map (it really feels so freeing doing it on PC) but my mechanical skill is frustratingly bad. It really sucks to aim at people and shoot air. You can honestly feel it when theres no aim assist.

This being said, why on earth am I getting put against players of this skill level?

What am I doing to be put up against them?

What are they doing to be put up against me?

I can only link 1 picture with this post, you'll have to take my word that this one of many deaths to players with stats that would make most people blush. Either that or they just gave everyone 20 kill badges during an event I missed. In the game I just died in (after missing every mastiff shot) the champion squad were all predators.

Just to point out too im not blaming any of these players. it's great they are so good. The system that allows us in the same game however is a joke. And also my PC Origin account is fresh, I made it yesterday so any links between my PC and PS4 progress do not exist.


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