The new Shield system is kinda wack

First let me start by saying I like the push towards a more aggressive style of play, but the only Evo and gold shields just changed the game to an all out frag fest… Not just did it put more of a heavy hand on getting a weapon and immediately pushing the person that just landed next to you but the drop in ttk for some weapons made them a cut above the rest but will lead to more of a power push type weapon meta of being if it's not equal or better then the best weapon then there is no point in trying to use it.

So I'm proposing a new idea of a shield system. We bring back the old shields but like the Evo are dropped one level in shield (so white is one, blue is two and purple is 3) but bring gold back to 4 shields but bring Evo to being able to hit four aswell so yes fragging will still be a part and the ttk will be shorter, but it will lead back to a you can bunker or you can have a run and gun type style but if you take the risk of running and gunning and you get the fights that you need then you will have the better shields so this yes will still have the aggression Apex is wanting but it will leave a chance for the people who don't play aggression well to have a chance.

(Any comments are great and I wanted to see what people thought of me and my friends opinion of the new season thought of a change that could maybe take it back a step but still keep it a bit more fast playing.)


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