The PeaceKeeper, Trouble or Overreaction

Hey all,
So, as someone who has played this game since season 0, I've seen my share of broken weapons and nerfs; but, something still stands out to me above the rest, and that's the PK.
The weapon just seems over-tuned, despite a player's best efforts it can be hard to interact with, 2 shots and your dead from hipfire… with a spread? What's that? You have a choke and now you can hit 70 damage at medium range and 30 damage at long range with a shotty?
What I am saying is this, does anyone else feel the PK is still a little OP despite its nerfs. There's relatively little incentive to use a different shotgun, and with its ammo economy being so beneficial, it just seems to be the close range (and even low-medium range with choke) weapon of choice?
What do you all think?
I feel it needs a nerf, maybe a spread increase. Then if you get right next to someone it still rocks, but there is a risk to doing so, and then the choke would be less of a medium range converter and more of a spread mitigater for those close fights, forcing less hip fire and more ads.


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