The pubstomping done by 1-2% of the player base was never a problem. The narrative that the game was not fun for the other 98% is BS and SBMM will eventually hurt all the playerbase.

The chances of getting a great player in a lobby often by itself were always slim. Then even if you got a pubstomper, all the other factors would have to play out for him to absolutely destroy everyone and win the game. From camping, to low skill weapons, RNG loot and fights, etc there were always a lot of ways to win a game and to have fun for the 98% of the "casual" player base. And people were having tremendous fun. Never really saw any complaints about the game being too hard. Simply because being pubstomped was immensely rare.

But let's ignore the situation good players who solo queue are in, since nobody empathizes, and let's talk about the 98% that are definitely the most important for Respawn, as it should, in all honesty. At the start of this SBMM shitshow they might take advantage of facing similar skilled players. Feel that the game is easier and all of that. Since skill is not static at all, they will definitely either improve or get worse with time until they improve again or altogether stop. If they improve they constantly face similar or higher skilled opponents without having a clear idea of how much they improved. The game will gradually get harder because the matchmaking algorithm is not perfect and people improve at drastically different rates. It will be like ranked, Bronze might be very easy now but just because you were good enough to get to Diamond doesn't mean the game is easier then. There have been several reports of players with 1.0 k/d getting the same matchmaking as me, a pred player. Eventually they will get frustrated for not being able, from time to time, shit on noobs (compared to them, there is always bigger fish) as they should and then feel that they improved a lot to have the motivation keep playing. Basically the more you play and the more dedicated you are, the worse the game treats you.

Solo queueing is what made me fall in love with this game, the ability to not need to always play with friends and still have fun, and to be able from time to time, meet great randoms and have great games without having to utter a single word. Solo queuing is ruined and, sincerely, s2 longbow, disruptors, pk, charge rifle, bhopping removal, etc etc shrink in comparison with the effect SBMM has had on my ability to have fun on this game and for the first time I am afraid I will have to quit.

TLDR: SBMM is not good for anyone except the very low tier, and those were already protected (except from smurfs). 2% of the players couldn't have been terrorizing the other 98% all this time, it makes no sense and its a bad faith argument. In the end this will stop everyone from having fun except the very low skilled players who I highly doubt spend any money on this game. Its the real dedicated fans (NOT only the 2%) who love the game and want to improve that support this game and IMO SBMM does/will hurt them as well.


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