The relationship between SBMM and Rng-loot in early game.

Wouldn’t SBMM In casual make good loot much more oppressive in early game?
Of course I’m taking many variables out of the equation but doesn’t a skill based matchmaking system make a 1v1 situation basically only loot dependent?

It is very unlikely to win the white armour vs purple armour battle if both players are at the same skill level (wich of course is a highly theoretical situation).

This is probably something the devs want for lower skilled players as those at the very bottom of the barrel can only live of of a situation where they got only “lucky” and had a moment in the game where they felt successful because of what rng and not skill gave them.

But for every average and slightly above average player this is just a bad experience.

Making Rng MORE important was (I think) not something anyone ever wanted.

And those adrenaline fuelled moment were you land and outplay someone who has a way better shield with your p2020/mozam are very unlikely to happen ever again.

I know my argument here is flawed, because I am not taking teammates, third parties or also the varying skill level in these obscure brackets into account.

But I think I still made a somewhat valid point.

Also, I am by no means a “pub-stomper” as I am a maybe slightly above average, but not at all great player(1.3 KD), who had significantly less fun with the game in the last week.

Thanks for hearing me out and sorry for the mobile formatting ._.


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