The State Of Solo Queuing

I am fucking SICK of 1v3'ing.

I've played for about 5 hours so far today. A small amount of that time was spent with my friends, then I got to Platinum and since they're Silver.. We can't team up.

I have yet to have a game where a teammate a) isn't AFK, b) doesn't back out immediately after dying, c) backs out if someone else chooses Loba, d) isn't balanced level-wise to myself. Or most of them, just honestly have a low game IQ as far as awareness, positioning, ability usage and etc.

My question is, what are the parameters for SBMM? There's no way most enemy teams know how to aim and my team doesn't? Or how to flank? Or listen to obvious in game sounds such as foot steps, Lifeline's healing drones, grappling hooks, or revive ships?

I don't want to entirely blame SBMM because I don't even know if or how this game uses it. But it is frustrating to say the least. It's hard finding like minded teammates even with LFG, which is damn near like job-hunting everytime you need a new team. Ranked isn't rewarding enough anymore, especially for a solo player. Getting to Diamond for a 4 time would grant nothing at all.

I honestly wish this game could improve the quality of solo queuing some how.

Apologies for the rant.


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