The Timeline

So let’s start with the Titanfall timeline i’m gonna start with Jack Cooper a lot of people said Apex was 30 years after the events of TF2 well if that’s the case then Jack was fighting the war while he was a teen ? no.

It’s not true Apex is actually 10 years considering Kuben Blisk was in his 50’s in the TF Saga and now he’s in his 60’s in the Apex Timeline.

Okay now this all starts with Cooper because lore says he fought in the war in his Mid 30’s and he was born in “87” now they never gave us a explanation on his specific year of birth but logically he was born in 2687, now okay we don’t know how long he fought in the war but we know the war ends in 2723 which would make him 36 years old ! CONNECTING THE TIMELINES then 10 years pass by which makes Cooper 46 years old ! and he’s still alive in the apex universe !

All of the Events that happened in the Titanfall Saga happened in the 2700’s Respawn fixed the timeline.

SO CANONICALLY all event happened in the 2700’s SO YES everything is in the same timeline despite people saying the Apex Timeline is some different dimension because of the Voidwalker story simply not true.


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