the Turbocharger should be called SUPERcharger


and if you know one or two things about cars you'll probably already know where I'm trying to get at,but first a very quick lesson about engines and forced induction systems so we can move on later with you having a bare idea of what I'm talking about

RPM are the initials of Revolutions Per Minute,which is a way of measuring how much power a car is producing – the higher the RPMs,the more the engine is "striving"

now there are many ways of getting an engine to be more powerful but in this post I'm focusing on two:superchargers and turbo compressors or just "turbos"

a turbo compressor starts working ONLY when the engine has reached higher RPMs which in a few words it helps the car to reach a higher top speed (and I don't wanna explain you how it works because it's very complicated and not necessary),do you know what that means? that's right,it means that in some way,the Devotion has a built-in turbo compressor

a supercharger focuses on helping the engine to build speed and RPMs more rapidly,as it works exclusively in lower RPMs thus it doesn't affect the top speed

now that you know the basics we can get to the point

think of the HAVOC and Devotion as an engine,the RPMs as the fire rate and the Turbocharger as a forced induction system;

both weapons start at lower RPMs (the charge-up time) and go all the way up to the higher fire rate or RPMs,being the Devotion more fit to understand this

however,you can reduce the lower RPMs or fire rate (or straight-up remove them in the case of the HAVOC) by putting a forced induction system on it,a Turbocharger

and this is why I think that the Turbocharger should be called Supercharger,because as such it doesn't increase the final fire rate of the weapon,as instead it helps the compatible weapons to reach it's higher RPMs faster


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