Theory about wraith and the “phase space”

So after the new lore on wraith from Twitter that we've just got I made a semi-decent Theory about
Wraith's character.

First of all I will be calling wraith's tactical "into the void" and the phaseshift from tf 2 the phase space.

  1. I'm gonna start with wraith, one detail about her seems to stand out to me : Her white eyes.

After i've read the old lore and the new one this is what iv'e come up with:

Wraith was a volunteer for IMC phasesift technology basicly she was a test subject.
Though something went wrong, and her consciousness was separated from her body to the "phase space " that's Why her eyes are white she isn't actually wraith you don't play as wraith you play as a wraith/ phase gost.

That also explains voices from the void and her not remembering anything because she isn't her.

  1. The voices from the void

My explanation for this is that wraith's mind is in the phase space and since we know time works different in the void and that anything that you interact with in the void stays in there(example :
If you throw a grenade while phasesifted in tf 2 it
Will remain there) that leads me to believe that
Wraith's consciousness is stored in the void like data and since time act differently in the void(a little bit faster) she can see what will happen warning the player.

*While in the phase space in apex you can see wraith sized forms which led people to believe
Wraith can se multiple parallel universes but what if those were the ghost wraith's positions if the real wraith hadn't taken control, about that.

3 I believe the single time the player actually plays as wraith is when using her tactical since her mind is stored in there and here body is something different the when the wraith enters the void she is recoupled with her consciousness.

That's why we see the shadows only in the void because the actual wraith's mind is in controll.

  1. The portals

A lot of the theory bases on the assumption that time in the phase space is faster but why would I
Think that? Because when using her tactical she's
Faster and when using her portals which are a breach trough the phase space she's also faster.



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