Theory: Hammond Harvester will crack World’s Edge into Multiple Shards

Based on the construction banners going up throughout Wold's Edge it looks like Hammond robotics might be planning to install two additional Harvesters.

We've seen by the one already installed that these things are massive and that their operation alone has massive consequences on the stability of the planet. Nonetheless, Hammond only cares for the resources that these machines provide.

World's Edge is near uninhabited due to previous incidents and the current fracking of planet's resources seems to have gone uncontested. It was even advertised in the Season 4 – Assimilation Gameplay Trailer.

Currently the map has seen permanent damage due to just one Harvester's operation. Should Hammond install any additional units I believe the planet itself may be devastated and crack in multiple pieces.

While running multiple Harvesters on the same planet has been done in Titanfall 2. This new iteration seems much more powerful. Plus, I wouldn't put it past Hammond to ignore the consequences and push forward. This is based on their previous sponsoring of Void tech and what Vynson Dynamics' original experiments did on Typhon.

TL:DR: Hammond Robotics will install Two additional Harvesters which will crack World's Edge into multiple fragments. Like Frag East/West but x10 throughout the map.


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