THEORY: How I think Seasons were originally gonna be handled like.

I was on Twitter when PlayApex's S3 gameplay trailer appeared on my feed, and I realized something interesting.

They use a different logo, one that is ONLY fire, so I thought that's probably the old logo before they added the "& ice" to it. (duh)

So that got me thinking… if the old logo was only "fire" then maybe World's Edge wasn't meant to be for Season 3.

That's when I remembered that Rodney Reece, World's Edge designer tweeted out this :

"The entire map was snowy originally, but it was the Art team that pushed for environmental storytelling that the explosion caused the snow. "

So at some point, World's Edge was entirely snow in its design, and that makes complete sense! Because in Lifeline's art from months ago, we could see some of it and it seemed to be natural!

So this is my theory:

Due to the delays in S1 and the break between S1 and S2, they had to push back S3 to the beginning of October, meaning it would end in January.

But that's no good because S4 was promised to start in December and it would ruin the Christmas theme!

SO WHAT DO THEY DO? They mix them up.

Season 3 Scary Fire theme and Season 4 Frozen n Icy theme become one, creating 'Fire and Ice' which then becomes MELTDOWN.

I believe Psamathe, Lifeline's planet was supposed to be our new map, with being mostly ice and not "man-made" ice, but it was changed and then released earlier!

And I also believe that S3 was originally going to be STILL in Kings Canyon with the Night Kings Canyon making an appearance for the event, this also explains why Pathfinder and Wraith were still in KC despite the map change

So we'd end up having a spooky season and all of that until Season 4 hit us with:

  • Revenant
  • World's Edge

HOWEVER, due to those issues, and mixing up both Christmas and Halloween in one Season, it would mean only 3 legends this year…

Unless? Revenant is already FULLY VOICED and his model has been teased and leaked multiple times, he is READY to go.


Hopefully, according to my theory, which is ONLY SPECULATION, it all goes towards Revenant being released next month, in November, RIGHT BEFORE THE CHRISTMAS COLLECTION EVENT.

What proof do I have for this? Well….

Since before Crypto and S3 release, there have been 2 videos hidden in PlayApex's channel

I don't have a screencap for this, well I used to but I can't find it now, HOWEVER.
One of the 'private' videos used to be put in the "Meet the Legends" playlist alongside Crypto's, making it TWO unreleased 'meet the legends' videos. Then it was moved out.

It could've been a mistake!


It would make sense as to have 4 legends this year, besides the fully voiced announcer and model that has been both leaked and officially teased EVEN IN THE TRAILER!


Season 3 Schedule theory:

  • October: Fight or Fright, World's Edge, Crypto
  • November: Town Takeover, Revenant
  • December: Winter Collection Event
  • January: Probably another Town Takeover tbh


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