These Abandonment delays…

So here's the story…

I was playing ranked with my friend, and I got knocked and finished. So did my friend. The last person was an octane, level 30-something. Instead of getting our banners, he ran straight to the beacon and just sat on it. I just left, knowing it wouldn't go anywhere. That isn't the first time it happened. Especially in ranked.

When that happened, I knew my mistake when it said in red match abandoned. This isn't the first time it happened, as I've said before. When I got to the lobby it said abandonment delay. How long you ask? 6 hours.

What trying to convey here is, what is with these extremely long abandonment delays? 10 minutes is enough. Heck, even 30! But 6 hours? I'm sorry Respawn but that's way too much.


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