This community is filled with crybaby manchildren and the developers are right to hit back when you insult them

I know it’s cool now to form digital mobs and complain about the tiniest (perceived) injustice, but you guys should realize it’s not Respawn (or even EA) who is in the wrong here, it’s YOU. YOU are acting like spoiled children screaming and crying because you can’t dress your little video game character up like you want to.

What is the proper price for a digital costume? How do you know what the proper price is, how did you come up with your number? What makes 200 dollars scammy, exactly? Would it be a scam if it was 180? What about 100?

The game is FREE to play, but the people who make the game are paid employees. The money to pay these people to spend 40 hours of their lives, every week, making this game has to come from somewhere. The revenue model for a game like this is microtransactions, that’s what Respawn has chosen, and what’s more these microtransactions have NO effect on gameplay. They are purely cosmetic, whether or not you have them has no effect on how you perform in game. Respawn sets the price according to data they have internally, and the price point they’ve likely maximizes revenue. This is NOT a bad thing, it is NOT a scam (who is being scammed by the way?), and you are a tremendous baby if you think this is unfair in any way. You saying they’d make more money if they lowered the prices isn’t actually something you can prove, it’s something you’ve chosen to speculate on, or just flat out make up.

The people who buy these skins keep the game free to play for everyone. I don’t need an PS4 online subscription to play this game, I’m really thankful for this revenue model. This game doesn’t need to exist, it’s something people with actual lives and jobs put together to make money. I don’t know if you forget that companies exist to make money, but I’ll remind you that they do. The fact that you think you’re being scammed because you’ve been priced out of a costume in a video game is absolutely laughable and the fact that you come on here and form your little snarky outrage mob is enough to make any decent person want to snap on you (just like that Respawn dev did).


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