This game is in a terrible state on console, why hasn’t there been an acknowledgement of poor servers over the last week or two? Also it’s about time SBMM was officially revealed.

The PS4 servers are in a terrible state at the moment and it's been at least a week, the connection and the overall smoothness of the game is horrid, streamers are complaining too, I'm based in the EU.

Secondly, officially announce that the game is using SBMM, Call of Duty and Fortnite have already come clean with the fact that their public lobbies are using SBMM, and even though a lot of players from both games are moaning (streamers too), it's been made a fact.

All over the subreddit when SBMM is mentioned, there's a heavy influx of negativity, not long ago one of the highest voted posts was about this communities behaviour and overal toxicity, yet it hasn't changed at all when a controversial opinion is brought up.

Just be honest Respawn, sort your servers out, try and atleast reply to negative issues surrounding your game, this place used to be great for discussion, now it's memes, gameplay and fucking birthday posts or cosplay posts.

Many of us here aren't 15, I'd like to think Respawn actually acknowledges that about this game, look at your numbers on Twitch ffs, the game is suffering, and buying streamers every so often to boost numbers simply isn't the right thing to do.


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