This game is nothing but people abusing how broken the Wingman is.

It's nothing but demotivating to see how the wingman for some reason, gets a built in buff to replace a rare hopup for headshot damage. 100 damage for a lucky headshot by some garbage player spraying with a no skill gun and you instantly lose any gunfight. It is still treated as a long range weapon because of how painfully easy it is to use with no repercussions that you're a terrible player. Its the only gun so many players use and losing fights because of it just makes this game unplayable with how bad the balancing is, ontop of how poor the new map is.

I expect many wingman white knights will come and proclaim how "hard" the gun is to be good with. But in reality its nothing but a bad player crutch used to think you're actually good.

As for pro players who use nothing but the wingman, they can do good with any gun but it seems they default to it because of how overpowered and easy it is to do anything with. Why use anything else when you can do better because the wingman is broken?

It is ruining this game more than the charge rifle and I firmly believe players who abuse the wingman are actually worse than cheaters.


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