This game is too slow, too clunky and can’t do basic maths (Whiny, but serious problems I’m having)

I'm finally playing enough of this game where I can hear which guns are being used by enemies and it has made this game even more confusing. At 150 hp (100hp + 50 Armor) there is only a certain few weapons that can kill in 2 shots and this is really dependent on accuracy and headshots, but there are several weapons that are 2 shotting me that literally can't. So when hear a g7 hit me twice and kill me (even when wearing a blue helmet) I get pretty annoyed. Of course there is always the odds that since this is a team game I might be getting shot by multiple people at the same time, and since the indications of getting shot are so subtle it makes it hard to notice this, but I've noticed this is not the case as in the previous bout which lead to this post.

Note: Yea I am on here to vent a bit of my frustration for this game, but what I am ultimately seeking is advice or knowledge on the game.

My next issue is that gun swapping is clunky as hell. The game doesn't auto-reload for you, which is fine although annoying, but it will force a weapon swap when out of ammo. This screws me over hard in mid-fight a lot of times when I empty a clip and rather than reloading I'll weapon swap which in the cases I run out of ammo on weapon 1, the game will force swap to weapon 2 and as I am already scrolling mouse wheel for the swap, Ill switch back to an empty weapon, which is quite a long animation in a fight. Doing a weapon swap, or going from no weapon to pulling out a weapon too fast will result in the game doing nothing so I'll literally have to break line of sight just to have more time on pulling out a weapon.

I used to have movement as the #1 most important influence on how a combat situation ends for this game, but I've demoted this or rather made it equal to aim accuracy. In most games I'm really decent at movement, which usually grants me most of my kills, but in this game it is really clunky on tight maneuvering especially with the addition of stopping power, which is the stupidest thing about this game. Along with the movement issues, the insane kill time that exists for some players, not all as stated above, makes aiming specifically tracking a high priority as even full clips will not kill players, even though the 'damage per bullet * # of Bullets in clip * Accuracy %' is usually well over the amount needed to kill an enemy wearing the usual armor.

I've changed up my play style quite a bit especially on which guns I use, I used to run semi-auto weapons, but since I've noticed that there is possibly an issue with bullet spawn delay I've switched over to automatics as whether the spawn delay does exist or not, this change will rule that out as a possibility of me missing my shots.

I'm not great at FPS, but I am a whole lot better than this game is telling me, which makes it annoying sure, but more importantly it makes me unsure of what the best things I can do to get better are.


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