This game turned my brother into a toxic a-hole (a little wordy sorry in advance)

My bro recently got back into this and he's at it again in terms of being a fool online with himself and others. He complains about every little thing wrong with the game and I've told him time and again that I don't make this game, Respawn does and he should talk to y'all about it if he wants to improve and I even suggested going to Discord for stuff as well as using the Xbox's match system but instead he either blames the problems in the game or simple things like forgetting to not holster his weapons or even healing in the event of a fight.

My mom and his friends online back him up when shit doesn't go well and he earlier bitched to my mom like a child (I'm nearly 30 and he's 27 btw) about me bothering him and the team when I was simply going to my room where the Xbox is mind you, to do something small. I just said a few things and for whatever reason it bothered him so much he got up and did what he did.

I don't know what to do as even during the break he was thinking about the damn thing even after all the BS that Respawn did with Iron Crown & Wraith's event yet he'll continue to play regardless of that fact.


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