This is why solo mode was removed.

For everyone wanting solos……… It's common sense…… So listen here kidzzzz and my dooods….

Anyways solos was a test simply that worked but not for apexes angle. The reason they did solo mode as a test was to see the results of the plays. (Just like ads have impressions and page views and conversions (meaning people who went to the ad or website). Meaning (ITS BUSINESS GUYS).

So it means that one of the team members or employees who are respected told the owners they want to do a test (solo mode) as a safety switch (just incase apex started loosing players) (like alot of games do)))) so they did it to just simply (see if they should add it)…. I'll explain why… And I'm sure some Reddit assholes (you know those!) Won't understand.

You need to add things in that exact time. Without waiting so it's a release to be taken back a lot of website designers do it to know if it's functional or profit gaining to basically know if you should do it or not. so what happen if people started playing it but not enough people started playing and so they did not want to take away from the money from the regular Apex that has team players. Basically they were trying to double business $$ but it started taking away from the (zombie feed) (which is the perfect way they make money with the current newbs matched with the pros)) (because it works))

so they didn't want to take away from the regular business while they realize without the solo mode that they profit much more basically with the solo mode they would end up losing focus so they kept the regular profit. If they left the solo mode they would have lost profit with the team squads it would have changed the whole games heart. Therefore resulting in what is called a critical collapse of a game. Has happened all the time. Trust me.

So that's the answer.

This is the fact. Not a guess.


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